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.Loneliness. .Loneliness.

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Come On

Wow. If this is what passes as sad and moving now, I have lost faith in humanity.

The graphics weren't anything more than super pixelated simplistic people. If you were going to go for pixelated like that, why not at least make it fun to look at instead of making me cringe. The characters and backgrounds were far too simplistic and ugly to look at, and the colors were meh. If you were going for a sad theme, use a sad color scheme at least dude.

The animation was minimal if not non existent all together. The only animation at all was the main characters feet moving one pixel up and down.

The music was the only good thing about this, and you even managed to fuck that up. The loop comes to a dead stop and silence lasts for about 10 seconds at the graveyard scene, and it is extremely awkward and kills any mood you were attempting to set. Silence is good for setting a mood, but only if you hold it long enough. You held the silence for 10 seconds and played the loop right away again. You didn't even fade it in or out, it just starts playing.

The story is where I have a massive issue. This is a laughably bad and simple story. Man's wife dies. I was extremely entertained by how vague her death was, "WHY HAVE YOU DIED", you're not going to eventually tell how she died? No story development? No character arch? Jesus, you could've ended it with him accepting her death, the message being it's alright to move on. Even something HORRIBLY cheesy and cliche like her fucking staring down at him from Heaven (or looking up from Hell) would've been more deep and "touching" than this.

This is literally the story. Man's wife dies. Man sad. Man kill self.

WOW, some really innovative writing and storytelling right there. The dialogue is also extremely laughable. The part with the old man dying made me laugh really hard. Dialogue is meant to reflect peoples emotions and further the story. You did nothing about that. You could tell from the first shot that they were at a funeral, and the music told the audience to feel sad. You telling us someone fucking died does nothing except for make the viewer shrug and say, "Yeah, they're at a funeral. People are sad, keep the story going". But it didn't. The story kept stating the fucking obvious.

The "sigh" parts were really beyond stupid.

I hate to sound like a dick, but I'm not even sure how anyone could cry from this or even feel like crying. It is laughably bad.

Next time you're going to make something sad, make sure you have the story go somewhere, and make the dialogue things human beings would say. Make the character have an arch, even if it's a small one. Someone killing themselves is the opposite of that.

You can do much better, and the fact anyone is enjoying this is beyond me.

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Super Mega Bot Super Mega Bot

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Fun, But Much Too Difficult

I want to give you a 6.5, because this really doesn't deserve a 7, but giving a 6 is much too harsh. Virtual scores don't matter, though, and critique does.

The artwork was good. Not great for "sprites", but by no means bad. It was rather simplistic, which is a good look to pull off. It could have had more detail, too. It was the same enemies, same character, and same background.

The sound is also a big problematic. It was good but the loop got sickening very fast, and the bouncing sound effects were nauseating. I realize this is a pixel styled game, but there are plenty of Newgrounds artists who would have loved to contribute their music to this game. Mix the sound track up a bit.

The animation was almost non existent. The only real animation was the character and enemies, and they only had two or so frames. Like I said, change it up a little bit, it gets sickening after a while.

The difficulty is where I have the biggest issue I've played hard games before, but this literally took me hundreds of tries. Seriously, fire your programmer or get a new one. The hit detection was off, so it was extremely awkward and difficult to pull off the easiest of maneuvers. This game would be a lot better if the programming was at least sub par. That's not to say it's horrible, but it's decent and simplistic. For a game like this, I'd suggest to get a more advanced programmer.

The game was fun over all, and has me coming back to play it, but I find myself quitting and doing something else because of the intense difficulty.

I look forward to your future projects, as this game is very addictive and fun.

Keep em comin'.

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Newgrounds Radio Chat Newgrounds Radio Chat

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is amazing. The Chat and the Newgrounds Radio combined were more than amazing. Also people giving this 0's because they were banned were banned FOR A REASON! You got banned for one reason and one reason only:you didn't follow the rules. It isn't that hard. Anyways, this was great, it's the best thing on this site.

(One of the best)

It`s Raining Cats & Dogs It`s Raining Cats & Dogs

Rated 4 / 5 stars

My Review

I enjoyed this game. The artwork was beautiful and clean, and the sound was enjoyable. The gameplay in this wasn't new, however. It's been recycled before and changed around a little bit.

I didn't really see the point of a combo meter either. The entire game IS a combo, considering of you miss one of the creatures then you die. The game got a little repetitive to, after I played it. It's the same thing, no upgrades, no different levels. It was just the same thing over and over.

This game was enjoyable though needless to say, I played it for a good 5 minutes before I called it quits. As I stated before the artwork was flawless along with the music, but the gameplay wasn't original.

Nice job overall, just a few minor things to improve on next time.

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ShapeShape ShapeShape

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

My Review

This game was great. I'll make this review short and sweet because there isn't that much I need to go into detail about.

I usually start out where you need to improve, but I didn't find that much in this game. The only complaint was no sound during the levels, and the fact that the character was a bit plain as well as the background.

On the up side, this game was extremely addictive and I found myself trying to get all of the achievements for each level. You nailed the addictive feature most game makers are aiming for.

Good job.

Remember Nibbles Remember Nibbles

Rated 3 / 5 stars

My Review

Pretty good game. Although I can say I ever played the original, this one was interesting. Since this is your first game to Newgrounds, I'll give you kudos because most things that flow through the portal from first time game-makers need a lot of improvement.

Some things you need to improve on is the slowness of the game. That's what struck me first. It made the game a little repetitive at places, I just didn't want to eat the number. The beauty of a remake of a game is that YOU are the one remaking it, so you can skew the things you didn't like about the original.

The absence of music added to the repetitiveness to the game. I above all you just need to polish off some of the artwork. Although this game does need area for improvement I must say I did enjoy it and that you should be proud, this game is top notch for a beginners. Keep doing what you're doing.

The Diabolical Zelda Quiz The Diabolical Zelda Quiz

Rated 4 / 5 stars


By far. This game was great though. A quiz is something that must push very hard to be "too hard", which is something I'm glad you didn't do here.

You made it just hard enough, but not to easy as a LOT of Newgrounds quizzes are nowadays. Anyways, overall the game was interesting and really made me think which I enjoyed.

I'm actually making a Zelda game and am a pretty big Zelda fan myself and thought I'd wizz through this game with definitely put that cockiness to rest when I played it.

The only thing that bothered me was the graphics...thing like the text and buttons were sloppy, but it wasn't that noticeable. I suggest you probably put more recent games, as not a lot of older Zelda fans are probably still out their.

I mean their still are some but a lot of fans got hooked from OOT so I'd go OOT and up. Nice job though and I'll be looking for the sequel.

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Mariofan9 responds:

Thanks a lot for your review. Your critique is all true- but I'll be handling recent games in The Diabolical Zelda Quiz 2.

A Real Simple Flash Game A Real Simple Flash Game

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

My Review

Sorry, but this was rather pointless. I mean, great idea and everything, but defiantly not original. This concept is so basic it really doesn't feel like a game to me, but rather the raw framework of a game.

The only color was the coins and they didn't have any movement. The characters was just a blob. A white blob with no features. The background was just white and the platforms crudely drawn boxes with no fill.

The camera was zoomed in a lot, and the arrows were sloppy and hard to read. Honestly there is so much to improve on this game. I often say what I enjoyed...but there was just nothing to this game.

It was a time killer and the transition from when you die or when you're continuing to the next level was a smooth tween but that was about it. I'm sorry, but this needs a lot of improvement. Good luck.

blubfaceproduction responds:

I'm going to make an updated version with better graphics, a better camera, and an overall better game. So when it's updated, please come and check it out!

When Pigs Fly When Pigs Fly

Rated 3 / 5 stars

My Review

First of all, people should stop giving you 0's and 1's because they found this game to be to difficult, they shouldn't not give you any points for it being to hard.

Now on to my perspective.

The game was fun overall, but it was frustrating a little bit. I'm not going to give you a 0, but the difficulty is why the average score is 6.9 and the score is 3.38. I wouldn't mind if spikes, lava, etc killed you when touched, but even the stairs and walls killed you.

You literally couldn't bump into anything at all without dying. Your character couldn't move left to right, he could only fly there. It made it repetitive for me personally because you made the narrowest pathways, but also being able to not touch anything.

I must also say that the music got annoying and I found myself turning it down after about a minute of it because it was just a loop, an annoying one at that. But I must give you props for the graphics and backgrounds, they were superb. Another quark I must point out is the medals for this game. The game itself is very frustrating, and to add medals that require you to beat the game with no deaths, and under 12 minutes?

The only ones that are remotely achievable are the first two, and people are having trouble with those. Also at one point in the game, the spikes and part of the ceiling were transparent? I don't know if that was my PC or if it was the game...but take a look at that.

Overall, it was a great game, like Portal Defenders, you need to play the game through and figure out techniques and strategies for it before chucking you a 0 and automatically giving up after the first level.

I'd just dumb down the difficulty a little bit so that only spikes or lava or something along those lines kill you.

Nice job, but has a couple of quarks.

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SAS: Zombie Assault 2 SAS: Zombie Assault 2

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Fun, But,

Not as good as the first. The first one was fun because you were confined and it became a challenge to fix up all of the holes and kill incoming zombies. In this one I would find myself only able to get new weapons by buying NEW rooms with zombies rushing out and giving me damage.

I'd be in one room with hundreds of zombies rushing in from other rooms and myself running around shooting at masses of zombies. In the original you could purchase weapons with money instead of unlocking more rooms for more zombies to hurt me.

Almost on purpose it seems, because every time I'd click a button or get an upgrade it would ask me to buy an account and pay. That was one of the worst problems I think.

You advertise so much it gets in the way of game play. To me this game just seemed like you trying to get money instead of the player having fun. I'll probably get an abusive or negative flag for leaving this, but I just felt you tried to hard to make people get an account on a demo.

When you die you need to pay, and again it seemed like you wanted us to die by the gaping holes you left in the garage or storage room area. Wasn't as good as the first, sorry.

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